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How to change nothing in 2017

It’s a simple 7-step process.


And as long as you follow it carefully, it will guarantee you will not achieve any of your dreams in 2017 (or ever in your life if you keep following the steps long term)


So what’s the secret?


What are the 7 steps that most people follow for life to make sure they never make their dreams a reality?


Here we go…


First you must…


1. Have an idea (This is normally the dream part, usually linked to more fun, more financial freedom, better work-life balance, improved health and greater happiness)


Then you have to…


2. Share it with others


And of course others are impressed. So they praise you and your idea, and you…


3. Feel motivated by their admiration


This gives a dopamine kick in your body, so you feel pleased and satisfied, which means…


4. You stop talking about your idea


And the next inevitable step is the idea fades from your conscious awareness until you eventually…


5. Stop thinking about it.


So the idea fades even more and eventually…


6. The idea dies (and gets permanently filed under the “I wish I had…” list in your brain’s memory database.)


But then of course another idea pops up. Another idea that will increase your wealth, health and happiness, etc.


So to make sure the new idea also does not become a reality, you…


7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 until you die.


And there you have it.


7 steps guaranteed to make sure you do not achieve your dreams.


Easy, right?


But you and I know that this does not need to be they way.


You and I know that a small number of people do make their dreams into reality.


They set goals and achieve them.
They continue to grow and learn.
They become the small group of outstanding leaders who others follow.


And I have spent the last 16 years and more working out what makes the difference between the 7 step addicts and the game-changing achievers.


The people who walk the talk
The people who achieve outstanding results.
The people who make a real difference.


And here’s the good news.


You have absolutely everything you need to make your dreams a reality right now.


And I am personally inviting you, to a free webinar with me where, amongst other things, I’ll give you clear guidelines of how you can achieve your wildest dreams, and stay well clear of the 7 step process of disappointment.


Limbic Goal Achievement Webinar with Steve Neale




3 February 2017 at 14-15.00 Central European Time


So click on the registration link below now to avoid disappointment and guarantee your place:


Let’s make 2017 the year you walk the talk.


To your happiness and fulfillment.






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