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Inside-Out Living

What you will get: An understanding of inside-out living


“Turn Your Life Upside Down!”


Most people live their lives the wrong way round!


They live from the outside in.
True happiness and success comes from living inside out.


What do I mean?


Well, in one of the most famous TED talks ever made , Simon Sinek explains the golden circle of 3 vital questions:




So let me explain the way most people live their lives, outside in.


If you ask them WHAT they do each day, they can tell you.


Their routines.
Their daily behaviours
Their KPIs


But then if you ask them HOW they do it, they often don’t know.


And by “how” I don’t mean process. I mean which values and uniqueness they bring to their daily tasks.


There are many ways to get from A to B, right?


So do you do it with integrity, openness and fun? Or is your way about fear, manipulation and control?


And then to the BIG question – the WHY question.


WHY do you do it?
And by that I mean what purpose does it serve? What difference does it make to you and others?


Sadly, most people don’t know the answer to this question.
A job is just a job, right?


Exceptional leaders of themselves and others do things the other way round.


They start by asking the WHY question – gaining clarity on the purpose of doing things.


Then they answer the HOW question – gaining clarity on their values and unique talent.


Then, and only then, do they figure out WHAT they will do to live their purpose and values.


And here’s the best part…


When you ask the WHAT question, you engage the logical part of your brain.


When you ask the HOW and WHY questions, you engage your limbic system. Your limbic system is the subconscious part of your brain responsible for feelings, motivation, beliefs and driving behaviour.


So the WHY question drives behaviour, the WHAT question doesn’t.


Which is exactly why logic rarely persuades people to do something, emotions do.


If you want your team to follow you on a new initiative, make sure you answer their WHY and HOW questions first, before you tell them WHAT you will do.


If you don’t, there will be no clear purpose.


And with no clear purpose, they will always ask, “What’s the point?”


So, is it time to start leading your life upside down?


Your success partner







Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


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