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Job Happiness

What you will get:Reflections on Job Satisfaction and Job Happiness.


The word is “Arbejdsglaede”


And as a concept, it only exists in the Scandinavian countries.


So what does it mean?


Job Happiness.


And when it comes to the workplace, leaders of the future would benefit from focusing more on Job Happiness rather than Job Satisfaction.


So what’s the difference?


Well, job satisfaction is largely a rational idea. It appeals to your intellect. ( But not to your emotionally-driven Limbic System)


You may feel you have Job Satisfaction if you have a nice company car, a reasonable commute time to work, a nice office chair and free fruit at lunch time.


But is “satisfaction” enough?




You see…


Your Limbic System, or subconscious brain” doesn’t even understand the middle of the road idea of “satisfaction”.


Thing about it. You get to 80 and you say something like, “Well yes, I spent most of my career satisfied.”


I don’t know about you, but that statement doesn’t rock my world!


It doesn’t make my heart sing.
It doesn’t fill me with joy and make me want to reach out and touch the sky!


But Job Happiness, that’s something else.


Happiness is a concept that your emotionally driven Limbic System understands.


And what triggers your Limbic System to produce feelings of happiness in you?


Having a sense of purpose in what you do.
Being given opportunities to grow and learn.
Recognition and praise for what you do.
Autonomy and control to make your own decisions.
An opportunity to achieve purposeful goals.
Healthy relationships build on trust and understanding.


And what’’s more…


Studies show that people who report they have high levels of Job Happiness will work more effectively.


As well as…


Achieving better results.
Being more loyal to the company they work for.
Being more creative.
Forming better work relationships.


In sum…


Job Happiness is good for bottom line!


I’m off to focus more on Job Happiness and less on Job Satisfaction.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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