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Make your own luck

What you will get: Reflections on “luck”


“Some people are just born lucky!”


No they are not!


There is no such thing as luck.


In fact…


It’s up to you, and only you, to “create” your own luck.


OK, you could argue if someone buys the winning lottery ticket they are lucky.


But statistically, you are more likely to get struck dead by lightening than win the lottery!


So as that isn’t likely to happen, best get started on making your own luck.


So what do you need to make yourself lucky?


First of all, you need a good dose of Personal Power.


Here’s my definition:


“Having Personal Power means you know that all your successes and failures are your own. You do not blame your parents, your upbringing, society or others for your failures. And you do not think it was just chance that gave you success. Personal Power is realising that you, and only you, are in control of your own destiny.”


So phrases like…


“It was meant to be.”
“It was destiny”
“It’s just the way things are”


…mean absolutely nothing!


In fact, even worse than that…
If you say these kind of things to yourself, you are actively giving away your Personal Power.


And if you give away your Personal Power…


You give away your chance to create your own destiny.


Another important factor in the concept of luck is your expectations.


You see…


We tend to notice what we expect to happen.


In a famous study involving £250, Richard Wiseman demonstrated the power of your expectations on so called “luck”


He took 2 groups of participants.


Group 1 described themselves as “unlucky” people. They had firm beliefs backing up this statement.


And Group 2 believed themselves to be “lucky” people.


With both groups, he asked them to leaf through a thick book to see what they noticed about the book.
What the groups didn’t know is that inside the pages of every book, he had hidden £250 in the form of five £50 notes.


Guess what happened?


A much higher proportion of Group 2, the so-called “lucky” people, found the money.
And many of group 1 didn’t find any money at all.


A classic case of expectations influencing reality.


Group 1 weren’t really luckier people – but they believed they were which meant they were expecting luck.
This expectation influenced what they noticed and experienced in the world around them.


So if you expect good things to happen to you, they will.


Or more accurately, you will notice more opportunities and then take them!


So I urge you to let go of the concept of luck, become a master of your own Personal Power and expect the best.


And remember…


“Luck is when the right attitudes, beliefs, skills, expectations and openness to new things meet opportunity.”


Are you ready to make your own luck? I know I am.


Your success partner







Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


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