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Money and happiness

What you will get: Clarity on what REALLY makes humans happy.


“Money can’t buy you love (or happiness)”


If there’s one question I’ve been asked more than any, it has to be,


“Steve, what makes people happy?”


My answer?


I don’t know. It’s a personal, subjective thing, right?


But I do have some pretty good guidelines I can share with you taken from credible psychological studies.


You see…


Money doesn’t make anyone happy.


Sure it gives security.
Sure it gives choice.
Sure it gives status.


But it won’t ever make your heart sing.


And it won’t be what you think about on your deathbed when you reflect back on the happiest moments of your life.


Psychological studies agree with me.


And here’s the great news!


To start boosting how happy you feel today is free and it’s easy.


So here’s just 5 proven tips to rocket your happiness levels into the next galaxy…


1 – Grab 7 minutes of exercise per day


…and let those feel-good endorphins fly into your body and energise you.


2 – Give more authentic compliments


It’s true, a genuine act of giving a compliment to another person (“you look great today”, “I just love your enthusiasm”)
will boost serotonin levels in your blood and you’ll feel great.


3 – Dream dream dream


You see, sleep is our natural way of dumping any negative emotions (we dream out suppressed negative energy!).
So if you had any challenges the day before, providing you get a good night of healthy sleep and had several dream cycles, you will wake feeling fresh.


You have dumped your emotional baggage in the land of dreams and are free and ready for the challenges of the new day


4 – Smile and laugh more


Young kids laugh or smile around 500 times a day on average. Busy executives are lucky if they top 15 smiles a day on average.


Each time we smile it increases our levels of happy hormones and improves our attention and focus.


So who’s smartest here, kids or executives?


Make a conscious effort to smile and laugh more.


5 – Be more and do less


Your official title is a human being, not a human doing.


So why is it that so many people do, do and do more but don’t prioritise time just to “be”?


And what is being?


It could be many things…


A reflective, peaceful walk in nature.
Meditating and learning to switch off your busy thoughts. Time relaxing with your favourite music.


There are endless ways to “be”, you just need to prioritise them.


Here’s to the happy times ahead 


Your success partner







Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


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