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Overcoming Procrastination

What you will get: Tips to Overcome Procrastination


“It’s the silent Dream Killer!”


It creeps up on you.
Like a silent killer.
And it keeps coming back.


Until one day…


You have missed your chance.
Your dreams will never become a reality.
It’s just too late.


What am I talking about?




That horrible little thing that stops you doing the most important things.
Those important things that will lead you to a better life – giving your more time, more success and more freedom.


“I’ll just do it later”
“This needs to be done first”
“Just a few minutes on Facebook can’t do any harm.”
“I’ll just watch one more episode of Breaking Bad”


Sound familiar?


And what’s more…


Some people become professional procrastinators. Experts in the field.


Here’s what they do…


Step 1 – Become aware of what they really should be doing
Step 2 – Find other less important stuff to do
Step 3 – Kid themselves step 2 is needed
Step 4 – Start feeling guilty or stressed for not doing step 1
Step 5 – Repeat for life 


So remember…


Procrastination is not just about being lazy. Sometimes you can work really hard at doing what you should NOT be doing!


Here’s my top tips for busting procrastination:


1. Open a loop. Once you have actually started the task you SHOULD be doing, it’s harder to stop. Even if you only get 2 minutes into it.


2. Use a FOCUS alarm like “Pomodoro” (Google it if you do not know what it is). It will help you break down your task into shorter concentration periods.


3. Always be clear on the WHY of doing things before you start doing them. Tasks without a clear purpose can lack motivation and may seem meaningless


4. Create a clear destination postcard. Before you start visualize the outcome and see, feel and hear the benefits of completing the task


5. Make a promise to others. When you commit to doing a task and make a specific accountability time and date to at least one other person, your chances of completing the task increase by around 30%.


So are you ready to make sure the vampire of procrastination does not suck the lifeblood out of your dreams?


I’m off to focus on a meaningful task, how about you?


Your success partner







Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


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