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Reflections on goals and values

Which wall is your ladder leaning against?


We all need them.
They help us grow.
They keep us motivated.
They help us FOCUS.


What am I talking about?




And there is a wealth of psychological evidence that shows that certain types of goals are good for you.


But not all goals are good for you.


So how do you know if you are setting yourself the right kind of goals?


Well, the famous author Steven Covey nailed the answer to this this question when he talked about ladders and goals.


You see…


Many people set and achieve goals – which Covey’s explains is like climbing a ladder.


But when they get to the top of the ladder (achieve the goal) they find they are not happy.




Because the ladder they climbed was leaning against the wrong wall!


So in order to be fulfilled when working towards and achieving your goals in 2017 and beyond, you have to make sure your ladder is leaning against the right wall.


And how can you do that?


Well first you must be clear on your PURPOSE and VALUES.


Your purpose is the big WHY of your goals – what’s the benefit to you and others of this goal and does the purpose of the goal make your heart sing?


And then there’s your VALUES, or as one author describes them, “Those things that matter most to you in your life.”


Things like respect, professionalism, sharing, love, honesty and fairness.


You see…


If the goal you are working towards is not in line with your values, you won’t be happy with that goal.


Something will be missing.


Think about it…


There are thousands of goals you could set yourself today.
And many of them you could achieve.


But only a few will bring you fulfillment.
Only a few are totally aligned with your purpose and values.


And of course, gaining clarity on your purpose and values is not a simple task.


That’s why I’m kicking off 2017 by inviting you, to a free webinar with me where, amongst other things, I’ll give you a simple 3 step tool for gaining clarity on your purpose and values :


Limbic Goal Achievement Webinar with Steve Neale




3 February 2017 at 14-15.00 Central European Time


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And let’s make 2017 the year you gain clarity on your purpose and values.


To your happiness and fulfillment.






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