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Self Worth

What you will get: Self worth part 1 – clarifying what self worth really is


“It could be the most important thing in your life…”


Yet most people don’t even consider it.


What am I talking about?


Your Self Worth.


And what is self worth?


“The degree to which you like, value and accept yourself for who you are.”


True self worth is about being comfortable in your own skin.
It’s about being humble.
It’s about being happy and realistic about your strengths and your areas for development.


It is the greatest gift you can give yourself in life.


Yet so often…


The idea of self worth is confused.


First let’s clarify the term.
Self worth is the same as self regard and self esteem.
But it is NOT the same as self confidence.


You see…


Self confidence is related to what you do. So you can be a confident tennis player or a confident manager.


Self worth is really about who you believe you are. So it is the amalgamation of your beliefs about yourself.


And it’s quite simple…


If you have lots of positive beliefs about yourself you will have healthy self worth. Beliefs like, “I am caring”, “I am a good mother”, and “I am inspiring.”


And if you have lots of negative beliefs about yourself you will have a low self worth. Beliefs like, “I am lazy”, “I am a bad father”, and “I am not intelligent.”


And what are the signs of low self worth?


Well here are just some of the typical areas where low self worth can effect people.


Things like…


  • Criticizing your appearance and not feeling attractive
  • Blaming yourself when things go wrong
  • Comparing yourself to others and feeling inferior
  • Seeking too much approval and attention from others
  • Irrational insecurity in social situations (“they won’t like me”)
  • Lack of clarity on your identity – a confused self image
  • Having Victimitis – feeling you are an innocent victim in a hard world
  • Feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed with praise and compliments
  • Negative self talk – running a dialogue of self-criticism in your own head

    But none of these areas are logical. Like I said, they are just based on your current beliefs.


    And where do your beliefs come from?


    Your previous experiences in life, especially your childhood.


    But here’s the great things about beliefs…


    They are not facts.
    They are not set in stone.
    You can change them.


    Over the years I have helped thousands of people develop their self worth and as a result, change their life.


    So always remember that who you believe you are today is just a film script you are currently running in your head based on what has happened to you so far.


    But all film scripts can be rewritten.


    And that blockbuster masterpiece of your self worth is just waiting to run inside your brain – you may just need a little help in updating it.


    And I want to help you.




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    To your self worth.







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