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Morten Christensen

“I met Steve first time in 2006 during my EMBA education where he was holding seminars about emotional intelligence. The topic and his way of presenting it made it to the best module at the whole EMBA program. Steve’s dedication to the topic and his way of presenting makes him absolute unique as teacher/professor/coach. Later I had the pleasure to hire Steve for holding a motivational program for top managers in Statoil in Lithuania which also included coaching sessions before and after the seminar. That seminar helped a lot to all leaders to use EI much more in their daily work and leadership with much higher focus on coaching of own subordinates. The impact it had on the motivation of the whole organization was amazing.
I have had the pleasure more times to meet Steve as speaker in conferences. And even people only see and listen to him for an hour it already makes most people start to think and behave differently – he makes a difference”.

“I can only encourage all if they have a chance to meet him or listen to him or buy his life changing products”

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