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The Addictive Stress Cycle

What you will get:An understanding of how stress is addictive


Stress is addictive…


And what’s more…


If you allow it to continue, it becomes a part of your identity. Your self-image.


Here’s how that works…


1 – The stress response is turned on by some typical trigger in your life (screaming kids again, too much work, pressure to perform, and all the other possible reasons that have become part of your life).


2 – A powerful cascade of chemicals rush into your body, giving you a “hit” of energy. A quick fix response that gets your body ready to fight the stress.


3 – Step 2 is highly addictive – just like the buzz of a triple espresso or a shot of a high sugar drink.


4 – Your unconscious becomes addicted to your problems that are creating the stress, because it likes the energy rush feeling (your unconscious mind doesn’t do long term planning, it just likes the quick fix NOW. Think chocolate versus healthy salad!).


5 – You keep the stress in your life to feed this addiction.


6 – In time, this becomes part of who you believe you are. It forms a part of your identity.


And tragically…


Even if you consciously know this is not good for you, the addictive nature of stress and the fear of letting go of part of who you believe you are – keep you doing the same thing.


Same stress.
Same habits.
Same cycle of unhappiness.


Think about it…


Do you know anyone in your life who seems unhappy, but for a long period has not done anything to change that.


They blame others.
They complain.
But they change nothing.


They are trapped in the stress…addictive buzz…identity…fear of change cycle.


But here’s the deal…


This negative cycle CAN be broken.


You can change the way you think.
You can change the way you behave.
You can change the way you feel.


And this THINKING-BEHAVING-FEELING cycle is not you. And all aspects of the cycle can be changed.


You say no to another late evening at work.
You take your foot off the pedal at the weekend and allow yourself to just relax and not rush, rush, rush.
You focus more on opportunities rather than limitations.


You break free of the stress cycle.


It’s your choice.


I’m off to notice if I ever start to get addicted to stress and and, if I do, change it.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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