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The Cycle of Addiction

What you will get:An understanding of the Cycle of Addiction


It’s predictable!


And what’s more…


You follow the same steps no matter what your fix is.


I am talking about the 5 steps of addiction.


And before you think…


This is not for me because I am not an addict. That’s for seriously screwed up people only.


Addiction is everywhere.


To be addicted to something unhealthy for you or your loved ones, you do not need to be an alcoholic or heroine addict.


I’m talking about those small, everyday addictions which creep into your life.


Such as…


Addiction to gambling. (“Just one more bet must be ok”)
Addiction to smoking.
Addiction to chocolate cake! (and sugar in general)
Addiction to partners who don’t respect you.
Addiction to materialism (buying more and more stuff you don’t need!)
Addiction to watching porn.
Addiction to drinking too much alcohol. (“I only have a couple of glasses each night to help me switch off”)
Addiction to watching mindless TV.
Addiction to your smart phone (“I can’t possibly be without it for a whole hour!”)


Addiction to…(insert your own personal favourites here!)


And all addictions follow this same cycle.


These 5 predictable steps…


1. Pain.
You are unhappy about something or avoiding something or missing something – so there is a gap to fill in your life.


2. You use an addictive agent.
The most common agents we humans use are alcohol, smoking, food, sex and porn, unhealthy relationships, caffeine and materialism.


3. You get a temporary fix and distraction.
Dopamine is released for a short period, and it feels good.
The thrill of the new iPhone. The calming nature of the glass of wine.


4. There are consequences.
The dopamine high quickly wears off leaving you feeling bad. The hangover. The money you now don’t have. The time you missed with your family.


5. These consequences become shame and guilt.
This can hit your self-worth and create more pain.


And what happens when you get more pain and unhappiness?


You look for a quick fix. You are back at stage 2.


And what’s even worse…


Is that each time you repeat the cycle, the amount of addictive agent you need to get the same “fix” increases.


Just one more glass of wine.
Just an extra cigarette.
Just a extra £100 for a new pair of shoes.


So how do you break this addictive cycle?


Well, first off, you have to recognise that you are in a cycle of addiction.


You have to be brutally honest with yourself.


Are you addicted and why?


This may well be the hardest step to admit, but without it things will only get worse.


And then accept that this is just you being human, and it is ok.


But it’s also ok to change things.
And it’s also ok to get help to do this.
You do not need to do it alone.


Speak to your closest friend.
Go and get professional help from a credible professional.
Be honest and open about your addiction.


I’m off to notice if I develop any negative addictive cycles and, if I do, take action to break the cycle.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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