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The Subconscious Mind

What you will get:A reminder of what makes you human


Whether you like it or not…


You are irrational.
You are emotional.
You are illogical.


You see…


We all are.


Some humans like to believe that we behave in a rational way.
But we don’t.


And your subconscious mind (or limbic system) is the reason why.


Psychologists estimate that 95-99% of your daily behaviours are managed by your subconscious mind.


Your decisions.
Your actions.
your choices.


And what’s more…


The predominant view of human nature, according to policy makers and economists, has always been that humans are rational.


They are wrong.


You, like all people, are deeply irrational.
And your irrationalities are something to cherish and embrace – they are what makes you human!


Your subconscious, emotional brain encodes your long term memories – those experiences that have shaped you and your life so far.


It is also responsible for your creative side – helping you generate those “light bulb” moments and great ideas.


Not to mention…


Your intuition.
Your internal compass that never lies to you and always has your best interests at heart.
(sadly many people never learn to listen to their intuition)


And what about…


Your spiritual connections?


That sense of being connected to something bigger.
A sense of meaning and purpose.
All linked directly to your subconscious, irrational mind.


So rather than play down your emotional and illogical side, why not embrace it?


Why not challenge the over-simplistic view of humans that many education systems and policy makers try to fit you into?


I’m off to recognise and celebrate my subconscious, irrational brain and acknowledge that being emotional is what makes me human.


How about you?





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