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The Wisdom of Pooh Bear

What’s it about?:The Wisdom of Pooh Bear


Have you found your Pooh?


(Please notice the spelling here – otherwise that would be a really weird way to start today’s message!)


I am talking about Pooh Bear of course, and the simple wisdom we can learn from him.


You see…


I was listening to one of my favourite books yesterday, the Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff.


And it reminded me of how many people are still searching for their “inner Pooh Bear”.


Sadly, many never find it.


The human psyche is so beautifully described in A.A.Milne’s stories of Pooh.


First there’s Piglet.

The worrier.
The anxious mind.
The “What if….” part of us that worries about what has not yet happened and is nervous and on edge.


Then, there’s Eeyore the donkey.
The depressed part of the human mind.
Nothing is possible.
Nothing can be changed.
The part of humans that replies to a simple “Good Morning” with questions like “Is it a good morning? Doesn’t seem that way to me.”


And not to forget…



The intellectual.
The scientist.
The character who wants an explanation for everything.
The person who thinks a lot.
Can always search for answers and a reason.
When sometimes there just isn’t one.
(At least not one that science or intellect can explain)


And then there’s Tigger.


The bouncy tiger who can do and be and achieve anything.


“Can tiggers climb trees?” asked Piglet.
“Of course we can!” replied Tigger.


Tigger bounces up a tree.
Only to find he can’t get down and is stuck.


And now to the voice of wisdom.


Pooh Bear.


How can Pooh be described?


Well, Pooh just…. “is”.


The mindful.
The wise.
The intuitive.


The part of us which knows that the only true quality to be found in life is in the moment of now.


Simple yet true.


“What day is it?” asked Piglet.
“It’s my favourite day,” replied Pooh.
“Why is it your favourite day?” snapped Owl.
“Because it’s today,” said Pooh.


Bad memories of the past.
Dwelling on mistakes.


They do not serve you in any way.


Worries about the future.
The “what if…?” questions you can’t answer.
Attempting to control things in an unpredictable world.


Guaranteed to bring unnecessary anxiety and stress.


Enjoying the simplicity of now…


The sweet taste of the honey (Pooh’s favourite.)
The smell of the flower.
The laughter with a friend.
The warmth off a hug.
The taste off your favourite tea.


The sunset across the ocean.


Herein lies the quality of life.


Something a small bear called Winnie the Pooh knows all about.


I’m off to find my inner Pooh Bear and be less of a Piglet, Owl, Eeyore or Tigger.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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