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What are you afraid of

What you will get:Reflections on fear


What are you afraid of?


And what’s more…


How is it holding you back in life?


You see…


As we approach Halloween once more, it is a good time to remember the role fear can play in your life.


I’m not talking about fear of ghosts, vampires and werewolves!


But more subtle fears that may be impacting on the quality of your life.


Fear of disappointing others.
Fear of success.
Fear of being different.


And perhaps the biggest fear of all?


Fear of Failure.


So why are so many people afraid of failing?


Well, first if all there’s all the negative emotions that failure can trigger…




And then there’s…




Many people who are afraid of failure are motivated to avoid shame.


And shame is a toxic emotion, because it can make you feel bad about who you are.


It cuts straight to the core of your ego.
It hits your identity.
It challenges your sense of self worth.


Problem is…


Most of the time fear of failure is rooted at at unconscious level.
So first you’ve got to dig up the underlying cause – to find our what you’re really afraid of.


And once you figure it out…


Remember you are never, ever your fear.
It is an emotion.
And you are not your emotions.


In fact, you own your fear!


And once you realise you own it, you can also focus on how to manage it and change it.


For example, if your fear is connected to a previous failure at work, figure out what you learned from that.


What worked well?
What will you avoid this time?
What support will you seek?
What extra skills do you need?


And suddenly….


You are focusing on what you control, instead of what you once believed controlled you.


I’m off to understand my fears, control them and never let them hold me back.


How about you?


To your fulfilment.





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