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What is Success

What you will get: Reflection on what success really means to you


“Here’s to Your Success in 2016!”


But before you jump in and automatically say:


“Hell yeah!”


Maybe it’s worth stopping for a moment and reflecting on what success really means to you.


You see…


Your success needs to be your success.


Sounds obvious I know.


But far too many people spend their time and energy chasing someone else’s success.


That could be…


What your parents expect of you.
What advertising and marketing people portray as the ideal look and lifestyle.
What society has defined as a successful person.


So here’s a simple question…


What does success really mean to you?


It may be that your answer fits in with what other people would define as successful. Or it may be that is doesn’t.


Both answers are fine.


What I do know is that empty success without meaning and purpose is worthless.


Yet sadly…


Far too many people seem to fall into the wealth trap.


So success for them simply means the acquisition of more wealth.


But you and I know that wealth without meaning and purpose is no guarantee of happiness.


In fact, recent studies from the World Health Organisation on happiness show that the highest levels of suicide and mental illness occur in the so-called “wealthiest” countries. And what’s more, it’s the wealthiest groups of those societies that are suffering most.


So as you and I set out to make 2016 your most successful year yet, make sure your definition of success belongs to you and only you.


Success that makes your heart sing.
Success that fills you with pride and inspiration.
Success that makes a difference to you and others.


After all, it’s your life, right?


And you only get one shot at it.


So if you feel that you currently live the life others expect of you, then maybe it’s time to make that change in 2016?


Or maybe you feel trapped in the pursuit of meaningless material wealth?


Or maybe you feel tied to a job where there is pressure to make more and more money without any consideration for you or others?


I’m off to make 2016 my most successful year yet.


How about you?


To your success







Steve Neale
“Europe’s Leading Expert on Personal and Professional Growth”


P.S. Watch this space for some very exciting news coming soon in the New Year!


Psychologist, Executive Coach, EI Practitioner, Award Winning Trainer, International Author, Psychodynamic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Instructor, International Speaker, Creator of the LPS, Creator of the Accredited Masters in High-Performance Leadership

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